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Walk In The Rain

is a lighthearted “Beatle-esque” song aimed at addressing a heavy topic; the topic of suffering, our quest to better understand its reason and purpose, and our desire to avoid this most unwelcome guest as much as possible. That statement presents the first dichotomy that needs to be wrestled with. Suffering, a guest? When we seek the wisdom of the world, not only can we find no good answer to the question, but we are actually only led further away from the only true and satisfactory answer: Christ and the Cross that He embraced. The second dichotomy: what good can come from embracing something that makes me feel lousy? There is no shortage of quotes from Scripture or the saints on this topic. We encourage you to do a little search on the matter and tap into the wisdom and insight of both. How many times growing up did we hear the saying, “offer it up”? And how many times did we miss a golden opportunity to tap into God’s abounding Grace to accomplish eternal good for our own, or someone else's soul? One simple thought is conveyed in the song: that rain that we find so annoying as we try to accomplish many of our daily tasks is the same rain we enjoyed splashing around in when we were children. So, don’t be afraid of a little rain, or even a lot. Pray and work for the grace to patiently accept any and all of your suffering. If we may suggest one easy way to start, take the umbrella out of your car!

Music & Lyrics by Greg & Jeff Schutte


How does it feel when you walk in the rain? Go walking in the rain!

Come take my hand and lets….

I see the rain in your life, don’t run away from the pain and the strife,

Cause we’ve got some things to tell you.


I see many people that try to find hope in this world.

They look through the books of the people of the whole human race,

Or place their faith in the stars, as help to guide their way.

They reach into the dark for a light to chase the shadows away.


When you feel the world is falling apart,

Just let the Lord pour some rain in your heart, O tell me…



How does it feel when you walk in the rain,

When you share in the pain of the Lord?

How does it feel since his love became real,

O from out of the cross it was poured.

Don’t be afraid or start running away when the storms come to your door.

Come take my hand and let’s go walking in the rain.


I know your world has been shaken.

You feel your heart inside of you breaking.

The Lord can mend it for you.


I know that your heart is broken, and life seems unfair,

And many times it seems your blessings are few,

Please know the Lord God is there and that he’ll always love you.

Don’t give into the pain of the pouring rain, let him walk with you through.


When you feel your life is falling apart,

Just let the Lord pour his rain in your heart, O tell me…




The sun comes out and the sky is clear,

When you know that the Lord is near.

The sun comes out and the sky is clear,

When you know his love is real.



How does it feel when you’ve walked through the pain?

And you share in the reign of the Lord?

How does it feel knowing his love is real,

Through the gift of his life he out-poured?

How does it feel when your hope has been healed

And your faith has been restored?

Take every chance to go out walking in the rain.


How does it feel when you walk in the rain? Go walking in the rain!

Come take my hand and let’s...


tells the story of a young girl who finds herself unexpectedly with child and must face the trials that come along with this situation. This could be any of a number of circumstances in today’s world, but as we come to find out this particular one would lead to the redemption of the world as the “virgin undefiled” who was brave enough (with the help of her loving husband St. Joseph) to bear the Savior into the world and “tread the head of the snake”. (Gen 3:15 Douay-Rheims 1899 text)

Music & Lyrics by Mark Hingsbergen
Mat. 1: 18-25 / Luke 1: 26-38


Fifteen years old and heavy with child.

She’d always been a good girl, she never got wild.

What was her mamma going to say?

Her neighbors knew she was not brought up that way.



When she said yes, she knew what was in store.

He came in when she opened up the door.

She knew her life would change that day,

But she smiled and she said okay anyway.


The man she loved was stressed when she told him the news.

They had plans to wed but now he’d have to refuse.

Then the message came from the Lord above.

This is how the world would know his love.



When he said yes he knew what it would take.

The sacrifice of love that he would make.

He’d never know his virgin bride,

But he’d stay with her until the day he died.


The devil threw a wrench into the plan.

The woman gave the apple to the man.

Because she played a part in this mistake,

The second Eve would tread the head of the snake.


Fifteen years old and heavy with child.

She’d always been a good girl, a virgin undefiled.

This Journey

is a song about faith, hope, and love. It was written by Greg for his daughter when she graduated from high school and was played at her Baccalaureate Mass. It was meant to be an encouragement to her and her classmates. Yet it went further than that and actually deeply affected Greg’s life and his marriage ministry too. It has been shared at several marriage retreats and is a reminder to us all that we need to live in faith, never give up hope in Christ, and to strive to leave a legacy of Christ-like love to all those we share our lives with, especially those most dear to us!

Music & Lyrics by Greg Schutte
1 Cor. 13: 1-13

Faith, it is my guide. Trusted companion always at my side.

It has helped me to see the Father and fall in love with his son.

And to know the Holy Spirit, three in one.

I have faith in you. I have faith in you.


And hope, It’s what I hold on to through the darkness I must walk through.

It is my comfort in the hard times when the world is weighing down.

When I’m feeling all alone and no one's around.

And I have hope in you. I place my hope in you.



So, Lord please take my hand and walk with me.

And help my unbelief when I can’t see.

Lord, please share my joys and sorrows,

And may my worries be few on this journey home to you.

(at the very end) Lord I long to be with you.


Many days have come and gone in this journey that I’m on,

But my Lord remains the same.

A shelter from the storm each day.

He is the lamp that lights my way.

He gave me life and he knows my name.


And as for love, the greatest of them all.

It’s what I long for. It is my call.

When my journey finds its ending and each day I look back through,

May it be your love that’s shown through me to those I knew.

Please know that I love you.

Lord, I deeply love you.


You Are In My Heart

is built upon a popular Catholic devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Understanding the specific history and object of this devotion is a rather complex and complicated discussion. But the central basis and focus is found in the writings of John in the 19th chapter. It revolves around the soldier piercing the side and heart of the previously expired Christ, causing blood and water to flow out. John, and others who witnessed this event, regarded the flowing of blood and water from a dead body to be miraculous. The Catechism No. 766 says: “The origin and growth of the Church are symbolized by the blood and water which flowed from the open side of the crucified Jesus. For it was from the side of Christ as he slept the sleep of death upon the cross that there came forth the “wondrous sacrament of the whole Church.” Through the visions of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Greater devotion to the love of God symbolized by the heart of Jesus was realized and encouraged by the Church.

Music & Lyrics by Greg Schutte

I’m so lost right now O lord please come into my life

Fill my heart up with your love and holy light.

Help me see your will for me and where you long for me to be,

For my eyes are always blinded by the night.


Sacred Heart of Jesus walk with me today.

Carry me when I can’t walk on.

I have turned to you and prayed when I’m weary and afraid,

And it is then and only then my fears have gone.



So, pick me up when I’m down. Help me turn my life around.

Help me learn your truth right from the start.

Be with me where I roam. You’re my home away from home.

I am yours and you are in my heart.


O sweet Jesus, meek and humble come and make me whole.

Feed me with your body and your blood.

To the greatest and the least you give the Eucharistic feast,

And in this gift, you pour your grace out like a flood.


Sacred Heart of Jesus make my heart like thine.

Take from me my selfishness and pride.

And as my heart is slowly turned, there is one lesson I have learned.

Before I change the world, I must change what’s inside.



O many times I’ve wondered why you love me Lord,

When all I do is turn from you each day.

But you have fixed your heart on me just like the little lamb,

From the ninety-nine had gone astray.

O help me Lord please help me.


Back In The Middle

addresses the inescapable reality of sin and its relentless efforts to derail our relationship with God. It can be easy to view post-conversion Paul as a model Christian who lived the Faith flawlessly. But Paul, in his truthfulness and understanding of fallen human nature, was quick to point out the reality of his weakness to sin when in summation he states in Romans (7:15-19) “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”

God knows and understands our fallen nature. That is why in his goodness and generosity, he gives us the sacrament of Confession to use freely. His patience and mercy are endless if we are willing to go to Him with a sincere and contrite heart and allow Him to heal our souls. When you fall, do not allow the “Accuser” to stifle your feet from making haste to get to the confessional. It will definitely help to get you Walking on Water again!

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Schutte
Romans 7: 15-19 / 8: 28 / Prov. 28: 13 / Mat. 16: 13-19 / John 20: 19-23
2 Cor. 5: 16-21 / James 5: 13-16


Another day with you beginning and so far I’m doing fine.

I know the boundaries, know them well, and I stay within the lines.

Until a simple alteration comes along

Enticing me to follow and to justify my wrong, but...



God keeps calling me back to the middle.

“Please turn yourself around and learn just a little.”

Stuck out on a limb where I keep on straying,

Until storms come along and start me swaying.

You hear my prayer as I call out to you.

You offer me a chance to be made new back in the middle with you.


And so, I make a resolution that I am not going to fall.

Frequent confession, absolution will surely strengthen my resolve.

No matter how I try I never seem to win.

I just always end up laying face down in the dirt again, but…



Well, I do not know the reason why I do the things that I despise.

To passion deep within, I am a slave to sin.

But I know God works all things for good, for those who love him as they should,

And those he calls according to his purpose.



God keeps calling me back to the middle.

“Please turn yourself around and learn just a little.”

Back out on a limb where I constantly stray,

Until storms come along and I’m so afraid.


Walking On Water

is the story of Peter, yet is very relatable to our lives today. How many times do we find ourselves celebrating a spiritual high one day, and wrestling with a spiritual low the next? Trusting God’s care with our lives one day and then doubting His control of it the next? Enjoying the moments when praying and living our faith feels like second nature, only to find ourselves in times when the mere act of praying feels like drudgery? While the refrain and overall feel of the song revel in the spiritual “highs” of living out the Faith, the reality of our weak human nature plays its part in the life of the song as well. Every spiritual walk will experience varying levels of “dryness” in the journey. There are numerous saints who experienced overwhelming times of dryness in their spiritual walk. We encourage you to read about the lives of Saint Paul of the Cross, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, and Saint Teresa of Calcutta, to name a few. Our desire is that, when needed, this song will ignite in you an unwavering confidence and trust, that through your times of spiritual dryness, our Lord is ultimately and intimately working to draw you closer to His Sacred Heart. Special mention needs to go out to our good friend Mike Kompar for his “wicked” bass work on this song!

Music & Lyrics by Greg Schutte
Matthew 8: 23-27 / 14: 22-33 / Mark 4: 35-41 / Luke 8: 22-25 / John 21: 4-8


I was out upon the sea of life aimlessly afloat.

Jesus came right up to me and called me out of the boat.

As I took a couple steps my eyes began to stray

And down I sank into the depths, my hopes were washed away.

Jesus took me by the hand my faith restored.

And now I’m standing taller than I ever did before.

I’m walking on water!


I was out upon the sea again with Jesus by my side.

The storms of life enveloped me and took me for a ride.

Scared and I was shaking, and I yelled “Please rescue me!”

And Jesus did awaken, and he calmed the sky and sea.

He said “O man of little faith, don’t live in fear,

Because even in the darkest hour I will be right here.”



I’m walking on water. I’m floating on air.

I’m safely dancing on a viper's lair.

I have been set free from a life of despair.

I don’t care if life’s not fair in the midst of a raging sea,

Because Jesus came to rescue us and now my soul is free.

I’m walking on water!


Gona start walking. Walk on!


I was scared that I had lost my Lord the day that he had died.

My heart was deeply aching for him to be here by my side.

Then I heard him call to me as I heard him before

And I jumped in the water, and I headed for the shore.

He said, "Don’t let me die within your soul,

I was nailed upon a cross for you and died to make you whole.”



“Go walking on water. Go floating on air.

Go safely dancing on a viper's lair.

You have been set free!”


I’ve been set free, yeah!

I don’t care if life’s not fair in the midst of a raging sea,

Because I believe he’s with us now and always going to be.

I don’t care if life’s not fair in the midst of a raging sea,

Because Jesus came to rescue us and now my soul is free.

I’m walking on water!

Walking on water, yeah!


was written to express the beautiful teachings given to us by St. John Paul II (the Great) in his series of discourses on “The Theology of the Body”. For conjugal love to be authentic, it must mirror the love bond within the Trinity and the love shown to us by Christ on the cross: faithful, fruitful, and total. Remove any of these and the love is incomplete. Today’s society, with widespread use of contraception, denies the fruitfulness of conjugal love and is cut off from the flow of grace given through the sacrament of Matrimony. Is it any wonder that this society has declined to the point where any type of living arrangement is considered acceptable?

Music & Lyrics by Greg Schutte


Faithful is your love O God through all of history.

When man, his heart became enslaved you always set him free.

And when the time of Christ had come, you freed us from our sin.

The chains of death could never bind your love that grows within.


Totally you gave you son. His flesh was struck and torn.

And from the wounds he bore that day the world would be reborn.

His flesh would be our nourishment. His blood our thirst would heal.

And every day he calls us to his Eucharistic meal.



Faithful, fruitful, total is the love you gave to me the day that I was born.

Like a rose you planted it deep inside my heart.

You nourish it and gently prune each thorn.

Some day I’ll stand before your throne and bare my heart to you.

Freely, faithfully and totally I’ll come and give my flower only to you.


Be fruitful you commanded us, may each marriage be a sign

Embodied in each child that’s born of a love that’s so divine.

In the communion meal you offer us a promise so deep and true.

“Unless you eat my flesh and blood, you’ll have no life in you.”


Lamb Of God

presented us with an opportunity to flex our hard rock muscles, (Not hard as rock muscles, we ARE pushing our 60’s). This song is layered with many complexities and movements, intended to create a mystical atmosphere in which to immerse, while priming the senses to receive the proclamation of an eternal message. It is built upon a driving, repetitive (monotonous) groove; and similar to the Mass, which begins with the Word of God, and builds to a climax with us receiving our Lord’s sacramental Body and Blood. The song moves through building stages beginning with The Word of God and climaxing with the third explicitly penitential part of the Mass, where we express our unworthiness to receive our Lord. It can be easy to grow disconnected or apathetic to the seemingly repetitive and monotonous reality of living our Catholic Faith and lose sight of its life, purpose, and message. The rhythm of the world can easily consume us, distract us from, or numb us to Christ and His message. When we invest ourselves into the life of the Faith (prayer, the Sacraments, and Sacred Scripture), they can help us grow to see and understand the true power, beauty and depth that they contain, and kindle in us a desire to embrace the repetition as a comforting and life-giving constancy in our life; motivating us to cast out into the deep and become a much-needed driving force for Truth and Hope in the world. And yes, a fun little note, there is a lion in the song. The Lamb of God is also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Schutte

Isaiah 40: 3-5 / John 14: 27 / John 1: 29 / Mat. 8: 8


A heralds voice in the desert crying,

“Make ready the way of the Lord!

Clear him a straight path!

Every valley shall be filled

And every mountain and hill shall be leveled!

The windings shall be made straight and the rough ways smooth!

And all mankind shall see the salvation of our God!”


Ecce Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi!


Peace, I leave. My peace I give.

Peace for you. Peace for all.


Lamb of God you take away all the sins of the world.

Lamb of God you take away all the sins of the world.


Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lamb of God.

Have mercy on us, O Lamb of God.

And grant us peace.


Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof;

But only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

Forever in my Heart

was born out of a tremendous loss to the ROMANS family. Although the song has taken a bit of time to bring to completion, it is every bit as relevant today as it was in 2014. We love, miss and are praying for you, Beverly and have confidence that you are praying for us. Our hope is that anyone who has experienced the loss of someone special in their life finds a connection with and a sense of healing in this song.

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Schutte


Trying Hard to move on from the moment that tore us apart.
Though I can't reassemble the pieces of my broken heart,
Memories of moments with you fill my days,
And light up the dark so they won't fade away.
The sound of your voice fills the void in my heart,
With echoes of memories that will never part because...


I hold you in my heart (now and forever)

I'll hold you forever in my heart.

And through all of the storms and the pain,

I come alive at the sound of your name.

Now and forever, I'm holding you close in my heart.


Stealing moments away just to find myself lost in a time,

When I held you so close, I could feel your heartbeat with mine.

I long for your touch and the warmth of your smile.

To hold you again and feel whole for a while.

You in my life was the best part of me, Beverly

And here by my side is where you'll always be because...


I hold you in my heart (now and forever)

I'll hold you forever in my heart.

Captivated with you I'm still falling in love.

But until the day when I come home to stay,

I'll see it through, to be there with you,

Cause I'm holding on to my promise.


Just the thought of you makes my heart new.

(I'll be in love with you now and forever)

You will always be the very best part of me.

(I'll be in love with you now and forever)

I'll hold you in my heart (now and forever)

Under the Weight of the Cross

is a song that was born out of a specific time of personal pain, stress, and uncertainty. Through times of intense suffering, trying to process a roller coaster of emotions and sending out a spiritual SOS, it can be easy to feel hopeless and question God’s plan, as well as one’s own ability to endure the pain. “Out of the depths I cry to thee, O Lord! Lord, hear my voice! Let thy ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications! (Psalms 130: 1-2). Much peace and strength can be found by sitting before a crucifix, surrendering all of our pain, fears, doubts, and anguish to Christ, and uniting our suffering to His suffering on the cross. While it may not lessen the overall pain, over which we have little control, it can help us separate the suffering that we have control over from that pain. It can give us confidence that Christ not only shares the weight of our burdens, but that He WILL give us the strength to endure whatever cross we are given to carry, as well as an opportunity to grow deeper in our Faith, draw closer to Him, and assist with the salvation of our own and other souls. The overall feel and sound of the song is meant to be dark, heavy and at times harsh, while the goal of the overall message is meant to express a hopeful confidence, despite the magnitude of weight and darkness we may be experiencing. As a wise priest once said and it holds so true, “No cross, no glory.” Do not underestimate or squander all of the good that God can accomplish with and through your suffering. As we are sure you heard at least once growing up, remember to “offer it up”.

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Schutte

Psalms 55: 22 / Isaiah 41: 10 / Matthew 5: 4 / 10: 38 / 16: 24 / Mark 8: 34 / Luke 9: 23 / 14: 27

Romans 8: 18 / 8: 26

I used to think I had it figured out, reaching my goals.

Sitting in the front seat of life in full control.

Until reality came crashing in like a raging sea.

Feeling the weight of the cross in my life pressing on me.


Now I’ve got lots of struggles in my life weighing me down.

Swirling in an ocean of strife with no hope around.

But you drug my burdens, you lifted them up and nailed them to a tree.

Under the weight of the cross you were there carrying me.


So many times I cried in despair, for all the pain I could not repair.

Never really seeing you by my side carrying me.


Now good times have been a friend to me, I’ve had my share.

Living every moment of life without a care.

Now good times are wonderful, don’t get me wrong,

But there’s some place that I’d rather be.

(three times) Under the weight of the cross with your love carrying me.

I Arise Today

is based on the prayer of St. Patrick. It is a venture into the punk rock arena, and a bold step outside of our more usual box. If you ask most anybody what their favorite style of music is, most people have their definite likes and dislikes. While each member of ROMANS has his preferred musical genres, we have a collective appreciation for almost all styles of music. This is partially attributed to Mark and Jeff, who spent 16 years honing their skills playing together in a reception/dance band prior to the formation of ROMANS. As is evident on our two recordings, “Come to Life” and High Fidelity”, we enjoy stretching ourselves with diversity in our music. Ultimately, our desire in doing so is twofold: one, as St. Paul states in (1Cor. 9:22), “….I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some”, and two, to hopefully encourage people to open themselves up to different styles of music – all for the glory of our God. So go ahead, cut loose on this one! On second thought, you might want to sit down and hang on tight!

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Schutte

Base on the prayer of Saint Patrick


I arise today to face my battle in a world of sin,

Front side, back side, right side left side even from within.

But through God's strength to pilot me I will face each day.

Uphold me, guide me, guard and protect me on my way.

I summon mighty powers to stand between me and my foes.

And walk the path where the angels walk, unafraid to go, so..



Lead me, guard and protect me.

Save me from all that attacks me.

Be my strength when life tries to take me down again.

Shield me from evils illusion.

Shine through the dark and confusion.

Be my strength when life tries to take me down again.


Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,

I believe and confess the oneness of the three.

In the hope of the Resurrection I'll meet my reward.

Through the strength and prayers of all who've gone before.

So be my light that shines before me, so I won't go astray.

And keep my feet upon the path that leads to judgment day, so..



Christ to be my shield today from poison, fire and sword.

And from the snares the Devil lays for me.

So that there may come to me abundance of reward,

I arise! I arise! I arise! I arise!


2 X

I arise today! I arise today! I arise today! I arise!

Dance Strong

is a venture into Irish-influenced music, and was inspired by stories of Catholics in Ireland in the early 18th century who were persecuted by the English government for their Catholic faith. They had to go into hiding to celebrate the Mass, and they risked being executed if they were caught. So they stationed dancers with ‘hard dancing shoes’ outside of the place where they were celebrating the Lord’s Supper and these sentinels performed a dance to take the attention away from what was happening inside. At the sight of government officials or any sign of peril, the dancers would change up the rhythm to warn the priest and the people that danger was coming. Greg’s daughters were involved in Irish dancing growing up, and this song was created as he imaged his daughters having to face the same circumstances today as our world continues to spiral into despotism. You don’t need a pair of “ghillies” or “heavies” to dance to this song - but if you do, put them on and Dance Strong!

Music and Lyrics by Greg Schutte

In 1710 in Ireland, the English government made demand

That the Catholic Church stop right away, its worship of God in every way.

Saying, “Stop this now, this is our command,

Or we’ll take away your children and land.”


So underground they all did hide with the dancers dancing right outside.

To warn them of impending doom as they held the Mass in the dim lit room.

Hey, listen close to the change in the dance.

Their warning of a soldiers advance.



Hey, hey, do you hear the sound of the Irish dancers dancing round.

Oh no, we’ve got to hide away, for the governments come for us today.

Hey there, this Mass we share is given to us by a God who cares,

So do what’s right even when the world goes wrong.

Fight the good fight and dance strong.


Three hundred years have come and gone, but the threat to freedom still goes on.

When government takes what we work for and pays for things that we abhor.

To kill our children before they are born

And to euthanize the old and the worn.


And as I watch my daughter dance, I wonder if she’ll have a chance

To freely live her faith and pray, or will she have to hide away.

They’ll take our church by pen or by sword,

If we don’t stand up and fight for our Lord.



Fight for your rights and your liberty.

Against religious tyranny.

Live the truth and always pray

That we’ll never have to hear our friends and family say.


Into The Light

has a bit of a Latin feel and is a song that comes out of the frustration we all have of dealing with our habitual sins. It also has a “feel” meant to express the joy that can be experienced by turning our sins over to Christ through His representative in the Confessional. We all long to be in the light of heaven. But as long as we are on this earth, we will continue to find ourselves repeating the frustration of St. Paul, as expressed one of our other songs, Back in the Middle: “I do not know the reason why I do the things that I despise.” Our good God, in His love for us, and in recognition of our weakness, is generous in giving us an unlimited number of opportunities to receive His mercy and forgiveness through His sacrament of Reconciliation. We audibly hear the words, “and I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” If you are unable to remember the last time you accessed the gift of God’s unfathomable mercy, we pray this song will help inspire you to take time to go to Confession, sit in the presence of Christ, unload the burdens that are weighing you down, and open up an opportunity to experience the amazing feeling of “walking on a cloud.” (We are still praying for the inspiration to find a song in that experience!)

Music and Lyrics by Greg Schutte

My heart is longing to be free from this battle deep inside of me.

I’m trying to figure out in life what’s really true.

No matter how hard I may try, my sinfulness won’t seem to die

And I keep doing the things that I don’t want to do.


Then my emotions take me for a ride, dictated by my foolish pride,

I allow the world to teach me wrong from right.

It’s like the blind leading the blind to a truth I’ll never find

Until I let my life be drawn in by His light.

So Lord please come to me and lead me where I need to be…



Into the light. That’s where my heart’s longing to be.

Into the light. Where the Lord of love can set me free.

I’m tired of living in the shadows I’ve created for my life.

So I won’t walk, no I will run; lead me out into the sun.

But whatever you do just get me in the light.


Whoh ooh…

Yeah yeah, just get me in the light.

Whoh ooh…


I feel the darkness closing in, trying to shake my heart within.

Temptations capture my attention every day.

I try to stay within the light. Yet every minute I must fight.

For the evil one keeps trying to lead my life astray.

So Lord please come to me and lead me where I need to be.



Shake me, wake me, take me in and heal my heart weighed down by sin.

I confess that I’m a weak and foolish man.

Let your grace envelope me. My heart is longing to be free

And I never want to live that way again.

Your the one I want to know. Lord lead me where I need to go.




Whoh ooh…

Yeah yeah, just get me in the light.

Whoh ooh…

I long to be there with you in the light.

Whoh ooh…

Yeah, yeah, into the light.

Whoh ooh…

My heart is longing to be in the light.

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